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Carmina was the founder and soul of CARMELA ROSSO in the seventies. She started on the business side with a degree in Economics, combining her academic training with design studies in Milan.

After devoting her time and energy to her growing family, she decided it was time to follow her dream and create her own business in the fashion industry. He saw a niche market in high-quality ready-to-wear fashion, focusing on striking, exclusive patterns and affordable design.

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Since 1975, CARMELA ROSSO has been offering a timeless universe for an elegant and distinguished woman.

The brand pays special attention to quality and exclusivity, which is reflected in the cut, fabric and finish of each garment.

He developed an important distribution chain in Europe through his designs, becoming a relevant figure in the sector in the international market.

Passionate, demanding, generous and always ahead of her time.

Cuca and Antonio, two of her children, have inherited her philosophy and the spirit of the brand, and today continue to expand the world of CARMELA ROSSO into new markets.